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What ype of music would Harry, Hermione and Ron like?

I was having this really deep and meaningful conversation the other day with a friend of mine and talking about music and why pop is looked down upon by 'sophisticated' music lovers. We then some how got on to the topic of what type of music would Harry, Hermione and Ron enjoy. Harry and Ron were easy to do (I know, I know, very dirty). We said Harry would be full of angst and such so bands like Nirvana, Metallica, etc would probably be his music choice. However Ron would be slightly more cheerful, so just plain old rock would suit him, I'd like his favourite bands to be Kasabian, Jeff Buckley, Bruce Springsteen, etc. Hermione was a difficult one though. I said she'd like Jose Gonzalez, Imogen Heap and Jem. My friend on the other hand thought that Hermione would be more The Like, Lillix, Tegan and Sara and Ben Lee. I could see that, but I don't think that it fits her personality? What do you think? 
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