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I thought I would make a list of my ten favourite multi-chaptered fics (this is in random order because they're all so great I couldn't possibly choose which is better).

1. War and Peace by RedBlaze (NC-17)

2. Rebirth by SaraEK (Discontinued and removed)

3. Trickster's Bane by Gaineewop (NC-17)

4. Save Me by SaraEK 

5. Of Hearts and Heroes by Emmilyne

6. The Book of Morgan Le Fay by lavenderbrown

7. Knight of the Death Eaters by sunshyndaisies

8. A Hero's Return by Blue Rain

9. Consequences by PandoraJones

10. Clean Sweep by Belovedranger

There are so many other great fics out there, these are just a selection of fics I love. Anyone have any others?
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